• How does land ownership work at Big Sky Ranch?

    Your land at Big Sky Ranch is owned Freehold via a ‘Fee Simple Title’ – A free and clear title with no ownership restrictions or differential treatment for foreign owners. Once you have purchased property at Big Sky Ranch, you are also free to resell it without restrictions.

  • Is there an HOA?

    Yes, the Big Sky Ranch Homeowners Association delineates the access to your property, common areas and equestrian easements, and maintains security and water infrastructure. The initial HOA fee is $75 per month.

  • Are there restrictions on what I can build?

    You are welcome to custom-build your home at Big Sky Ranch, and we are happy to point you in the right direction! Our Architectural Committee will review your designs to ensure they follow simple guidelines related to minimizing earth movement, respecting setbacks from neighbors, height restrictions for views and external finish materials so that we enhance and preserve the natural beauty of Big Sky Ranch.

    Building in Nicaragua is an adventure, we only recommend this adventure for those who will have fun with it!

  • What are the closing costs?

    Closing costs are approximately 3-5% of your LOT purchase price, and include legal fees, transfer taxes, and registration of your purchase / deed.

  • What are building costs?

    Our designs range from $100-$140 per square foot delivered turnkey with appliances and off-grid package (range depends on size of unit). For your custom design we suggest you can figure on $80-$180 per square foot – on the lower end you are more thrifty with materials, and investing your time to watch the build. On the higher end you are using more luxurious and/or imported materials and a reputable builder. If you’re building yourself you will have to go through a build permitting process with the local Municipality.

  • How do I get topography for my lot?

    1 Meter resolution topos are available for approximately $500, and take 1-2 weeks to complete.

  • When do I have to build?

    We want people who are interested in building at Big Sky, and so expect our owners to begin construction within 3 years of land purchase – if an owner has not begun building by the 3rd year we will assess a small annual holding fee as an incentive to giddy up!

  • Are mortgages available?

    Yes, we offer financing as low as 4% for Qualified Buyers! Contact us to learn more.

  • What are the off-grid options and costs?

    We have negotiated packages with a number of solar and hybrid system suppliers locally to create a few packages. The size of your solar, invertor, and generator backup system will depend on your estimated usage. Approximately $20K can get you running off grid for a normal 2BR home with thoughtful electrical usage. $30K can get you there without thinking much about it as the sun powers your A/C!. These systems pay for themselves in less than 5 years!

  • How is Big Sky Ranch secured?

    24/7 guard service (the ‘Big Sky Mountees’) in the residential area will keep a watchful eye out. This is covered by the HOA fee.

  • What are property taxes?

    Annual property taxes of 0.8% are paid on the assessed value of your property to the local municipality.

  • Is there water to my property? What are the costs?

    We deliver water with standard north american pressure to your property line. The costs are the lower of actual delivery cost or local municipal rates.

  • Is high speed internet available?

    Nicaragua has come online at the same time as the internet! up to 5MB/s service is available via WWAN from a number of providers, and direct fiber optic connection up to 20Mbs+ has also recently come to our zone at Big Sky Ranch!

  • Can I run a business out of Big Sky Ranch?

    Most businesses – just not commercial farming or things that could be a nuisance to neighbors, nor hotel / riding operations which would compete with our businesses and investments at Big Sky Ranch.

  • Can I rent my place out at Big Sky Ranch?

    You’re free to do so – we will also offer a property management program for properties that meet our specs for rental, and can take care of maintaining your place in guest-ready condition while you’re away.

  • I'm ready to move to BSR now! What's the fastest way to move in?

    Our home designs are already permitted and approved to begin construction immediately at Big Sky Ranch. Depending on the specific lot location and co-ordination with other builds in progress, our models can be ready in as little as 7-10 months for move-in.

Horsing Around: Boarding / Owning horses at Big Sky

  • Do I have own a horse to be at Big Sky?

    Absolutely not. We have plenty of horses for you to play with! We love progressive living, sustainable living, and equestrian living. If you appreciate the finer things in life, including the simplicity of country living, Big Sky is for you.

  • Where can i get a horse to ride?

    Big Sky Ranch has begun a horse breeding and leasing program, which is one option for riding if you are an occasional rider or not yet ready for full ownership. If you already own horses, we can help you transport them down to Big Sky and board them in our new BSR Stables (beginning July, 2017). Rancho Chilamate will be operating out of Big Sky and has a stable of 20 horses for group and trail rides.

  • Can I buy a horse in Nicaragua?

    Yes! Nicaragua is horse country, with quality horses available from a few thousand dollars up to Millions! We are in touch with the best breeders and the higher quality stables in Nicaragua, and can assist you in finding the right horses for your needs.

  • What kind of equestrian style is Big Sky?

    We cater to both English / Dressage and Western style riding at Big Sky Ranch. Training and courses are available for dressage, jumping, cutting, roping of the style you’re interested in pursuing for you or your horse.

  • What is horse care like at Big Sky Ranch?

    The town of Escamequita – where Big Sky Ranch is located – has had more horses than cars for the better part of the last century. We’ve been here for almost a decade, teaching and training in the best of modern diet, meds, techniques and care regimen, delivered with the care of handlers who have grown up with horses for generations. Horse Care at Big Sky Ranch is world class, but costs a fraction of the US, Europe, or UAE.

  • What boarding / riding / training options are there at Big Sky Ranch?

    Check out the Equestrian section of our website for more information.

Getting Here

  • What are the closest Airports?

    As the crow flies, ECI (Emerald Coast International), LIR (Liberia, Costa Rica), and MGA (Managua). Most people will take one of many easy options on all major carriers into MGA or LIR.

    MGA to Big Sky by road is approximately 2 hours, LIR to Big Sky is a shorter distance but similar time due to the border crossing in Costa Rica.

    ECI provides connecting air service to LIR (15 minutes) and MGA (15 minutes), and is also the closest local port of entry for private jet travelers. Helicopter service is available directly to the property.

  • How do I get there from the airport?

    Contact us in advance, we can sort you out with a private transfer car or SUV

  • I want to see Big Sky Lots. What's the best way?

    Stay at Rancho Chilamate for the night, and do a morning or sunset ride right out through Big Sky Ranch, check out the views, and gallop on the beach. If you’re not a rider, we can tour you by car, and discuss over a drink poolside so you can absorb the vibe.

  • I'm in San Juan Del Sur - How do I Check it out?

    Give us a call and we’ll come get you, or give you directions.

  • Is there a good paved road?

    The million dollar question! We have excellent paved road up to 1 km from Big Sky, and the road work is in full swing to complete this road all the way through to a fast-border crossing with Costa Rica, dubbed “la costanera“. You can access with any vehicle, including a motorcycle.

Living Here

  • I'm ready to move to Nicaragua tomorrow. How do I do it?

    We are surprised – but happy – how often this question is asked these days. Here’s the formula:

    1 – Secure your land/property at Big Sky.
    2 – Rent a home in SJDS area – we can point you to the best people to help with that.
    3 – Get yourself / your family integrated into the community, stay involved in your home finish and fit-out so you are ready for move in as soon as possible!.

  • What is the cost of living in Nicaragua?

    One of the lowest in the world, which is why Forbes, the WSJ, Huiffington Post, BBC, Globe and Mail, etc. keep Nicaragua on their top lists of places to retire. If you want the same goods and brands you enjoy where you are coming from, you’ll pay what the vendors fund to ship them in, but if you’re open to adapting to the excellent foods and products that are locally available, you will having incredible purchasing power. Health care is excellent and very low cost compared to most other countries, making it a great value.

  • Where do I send my kids to school?

    There are excellent prep schools in Managua if your kids are aiming for the Ivy Leagues (The American school and the German school, for instance). Locally in San Juan del Sur, there are alternative school programs put together by expat families living in SJDS, we can introduce you!

  • Where do I get medical care?

    A new hospital is being built in San Juan Del Sur, but we don’t know the completion date (estimated Jan 2018). World class health care with everything from MRIs to Cath labs is available at the Gleaming new Vivian Pellas Hospital Metrocentro in Managua. Local pharmacies stock all common drugs – just about all of which (exception being opiates) are over-the-counter instead of prescription in Nicaragua. For emergency care there are centers in Rivas.

  • Where can I get furniture and accessories in country?

    Managua has some higher end options, such as Michel Pierson, and a few others we could recommend for imports. There are a few local builders of artisanal furniture, and we intend to manufacture select pieces for our owners in a ‘Big Sky’ line, to be released in 2018. You can commission beautiful and inexpensive rustic, artisanal furniture in Nicaragua if you’re into that. There are amazing Antiques available in and around Granada, Leon and Managua for accent pieces, we can assist with getting custom accent pieces for your ranch.

  • When is the lodge / hotel scheduled to open?

    We are targeting 2019 for Lodge opening, our first priority is to complete the core of our residential community, equestrian amenities, and the Saloon bar / restaurant.

  • Where can I research getting a car?

    Check out Nicaragua’s craiglist: “Encuentra24” HERE.



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