Your Design. Unleashed.

It is our privilege to work with you to create the ranch home you are dreaming about.

Home Features

The Big Sky is the limit – We have over 15 years experience designing, building, and living in Coastal Nicaragua, and are happy to share our knowledge of the best local materials, techniques and contractors

Off-Grid and Tech Options

Roof-Mounted Solar | Wind Generation | Home Biogas generator | Smappee(r) energy monitoring | Gigabit ethernet | Fiber optic Internet | Multi-Room Audio | Apple Homekit-Enabled homes}

Custom Build.

Our in-house construction crews have designed and built over 30 of the top properties in Nicaragua including:

Aqua Wellness Resort
›Homes in Mukul / Guacalito
›Homes in Rancho Santana
›Island properties in Granada
›Colonial home properties in Granada.

We are flexible to work with you to implement your completed design or create a custom design along with you to fit the needs of your family of people and horses.

All of our inhouse designs are guaranteed compliant with the Architectural guidelines for Big Sky Ranch.